School Uniform


School uniform plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within the student body. These factors contribute to students’ wellbeing, removing the additional pressures of deciding what to wear and added stress of meeting the expectations of their peers. Uniform removes the points of difference between students, thus unifying the student body and providing a greater focus on academic work.

Our school expects the wearing of a uniform and it is expected that parents will support this policy.  In order to support parents with the purchase of uniform we have consulted with families and have worked to find a reliable and cost-effective supplier. More information can be found at the school office.

Please ensure all items are clearly named, especially sweatshirts and cardigans.


We understand that the purchase cost of a school uniform is something that families need to budget for. In order to minimise the cost of uniform purchases, we have:

  • Secured the services of a quality uniform provider who has a proven track record in providing durable, hard wearing and very washable uniform. These long-lasting items do offer good value for money.
  • Run a uniform exchange where families can donate usable uniform their children have outgrown, in exchange for other, larger donated items.
  • Run a second-hand uniform shop where uniform can be purchased for a nominal amount

Items branded with the school logo are available from UNIFORM 7



All jewellery is totally discouraged as it can be dangerous to both the wearer and other children and it can be very distressing if jewellery is lost. The school can take no responsibility for any item of jewellery, including watches, that are lost.

Please do not allow your child to wear studs or rings from piercings in school, with the exception of one earring per ear.  In this case, small studs are safest followed by the smallest size sleeper. Earrings with hoops of any size are not permitted. These will need to be removed for PE to comply with Health and Safety requirements and are the child’s responsibility.  If your child cannot remove their own earrings please send them into school on a PE day without their earrings in.

Watches are permitted for all age groups including smart watches. However, any communication between a smart watch and a phone that is in school must be disabled. If smart watches are used to play games, take photos or send messages then they may be confiscated and passed to the school office for collection by a parent.


Nail Varnish, Makeup and Body Piercings

Nail varnish, make up and body piercings are not permitted. This may result in your child being unable to participate in a broad curriculum.